War & Peace

The images of fleeing civilians and destroyed cities in Ukraine dominate these days the news and so our perception of the situation.

We are one human race and any violence we do, we do at the end to ourselves. It is not about the one or the other side. Every single human being killed has families in pain and i feel with them.

It is far more about leaders serving profits on shoulders of innocent people.

After starting the war Germany alone immidiately approved investing 100 billions € (that´s,00 €) in the army. And other countries will follow spending way more for weapons; that´s for sure. Meanwhile the news partly look like promotional clips for the most recent war technology.

Imagine the day this amount of money would be just in a snap available for culture, art and education.
How many concerts, movies, schools, instruments, projects could you fund with?

Wars would be just a memory of past times in museum…

42% was btw the value-increase of just one weapon producer´s stock at the day after the word was out about the new investment-plans.

And the leaders of the so called “free world” keep beating the drums of war, yelling more and more “WW3!” while the other side sets the nukes on stand-by.

The main question to me is though: Who benefits from war? And who´s gonna pay?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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