War & Peace

The images of fleeing civilians and destroyed cities in Ukraine dominate these days the news and so our perception of the situation.

We are one human race and any violence we do, we do at the end to ourselves. It is not about the one or the other side. Every single human being killed has families in pain and i feel with them.

It is far more about leaders serving profits on shoulders of innocent people.

After starting the war Germany alone immidiately approved investing 100 billions € (that´s,00 €) in the army. And other countries will follow spending way more for weapons; that´s for sure. Meanwhile the news partly look like promotional clips for the most recent war technology.

Imagine the day this amount of money would be just in a snap available for culture, art and education.
How many concerts, movies, schools, instruments, projects could you fund with?

Wars would be just a memory of past times in museum…

42% was btw the value-increase of just one weapon producer´s stock at the day after the word was out about the new investment-plans.

And the leaders of the so called “free world” keep beating the drums of war, yelling more and more “WW3!” while the other side sets the nukes on stand-by.

The main question to me is though: Who benefits from war? And who´s gonna pay?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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Beloved people! These days we once again got horrible news from the land of my origins, Iran.
Last week two young men got executed at dawn. Their only “guilt” has been demanding freedom. For a better life for themselves, for their mothers, sisters and a whole country.

This is the time I wanna share with you one of my biggest “secrets” behind all I do. The why behind all the songs, videos and messages I´ve been sending you all these years.
At a winternight like this, I was home and just 10 years old as I had to witness how the half of my family got arrested and disappeared for years in political imprisonment.
At that time I couldn´t really get what that means to my parents not knowing where my sisters are for months. They went from police station to ministry to the next political jail trying to get a hint where their children have been taken to.
Later I understood this was part of the strategy to crush families, to break them.

Since then a solitary cell and torture got a face to me: The face of my family.
It is no matter if that´s happening in Iran, Gaza, Russia or Great Britain.
I know everybody sitting in there has some family, wife, husband, children, people caring for and worrying about them.

And creativity has been through all these years for me the salvation turning all the dark feelings into something meaningful. Every song I write and play, I do as well for that soul been caught in a dark cell.
And isn´t it like we often carry our own single cells around us, without even recognizing the bars?
Have you ever felt tired of carrying your luggage for decades on your back?

I am here to share with you not only my songs but my story. Cause there is meaning, there is joy and there is the need to share our stories. Just knowing we are not alone, lets us grow together, making us feel stronger even if we feel like stuck in a cell.

There is a shining future for a new humanity. One we will create together!

Lovely ones, thanks for taking time to read this message of mine. Feel free to write me yours. I am here to listen!
One love, one heart,

Lovely peoplez! i hope, you had a great start in 2024 with some good vibes and surrounded by your beloved ones!

Today i am excited sharing with you the result of something new which took us almost one year to achieve:
Our beloved artist friend Atelier Linnéa made some of her amazing handmade necklaces based on our logo!

She created this fine limited edition in Mexico from recycled 925 silver and i am so happy we now can present you the results 🙂

We just put them with an introductionary special price on our refreshed shop amongst some other items, you will find there!

The best thing: We will raffle off one of these amazing necklaces among all orders (no matter what you order!) throughout January!

So, click and have a look around, with a bit of luck one of them will be soon yours!

Love, health and happiness,
Om Om

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