People on the streets of Iran tributing Mahsa Amini´s death!

The fire is rising!

Dear friends,

I keep getting concerned messages with questions about the current situation in Iran.
Yes, it is true that over 15,000 people have been arrested in the last two months alone. Their crime is a desire to live a better life in freedom and security.
The Islamic regime is now threatening them with death sentences.

Over the past 43 years, the ayatollahs in Iran have often demonstrated that they are capable of doing this.

What is different this time is that people have lost their fear!
They take charge of their lives day after day and take to the streets not knowing if they will ever come back.

Yet, this is not a revolution, but a re-evolution.
A collective consciousness is about to awaken in Iran.
A deeply divided society, which I was able to observe there just a few months ago, has suddenly changed into one!

The process is as coherent as the brutal events in Iran are tragic.
The more they arrest, torture, murder people, the more they ignite the fire in people’s hearts to stand up for freedom.

This fire has already grown too big. And the ayatollahs are desperately trying to put out the fire, seemingly unaware that they are only spreading it and making it bigger.

And this process does not only concern Iran.
It can be decisive for the whole Middle East and beyond for the whole world!
Because if the people in Iran manage to assert themselves against such a criminal regime, then other people will manage it too; in all the other totalitarian systems.

We are one.
And we are free at heart.

Now, we are in the process of bringing this freedom to the outside world;

What can we do here, you might ask?
Get informed, spread the message, be a voice for the people of Iran.
Because every small action for visibility is a vital support for the people of Iran to continue until they achieve their most important goal:

A life of freedom!
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