Have you ever listened to silence?

We have been sitting once in a small group in the absoulte silence of the Mesr desert in Iran. It was full moon and the dunes and hills around looked in that silverlight like landscapes of the moon itself.

It´s been a while that none of us had spoken or moved. It felt to me as if the time stopped and i could clearly hear the silence. It was a deep wobbling bass sound, that started at dawn and now it was heavy and black like a thick blanket lying on my shoulders. The interesting thing is that as soon somebody spoke or played music, it was gone. You even didn´t feel the weight of the darkness anymore!

Anyway, everybody obviously listened to this deep silence, as we suddenly heard a single yet clearly resonating tone of my Guitalele buzzing and immadiatley fading away. The more irritating thing was, that it was lying a few meters aways and nobody could have touched or moved it unintentionally!

At the end it was one of this little desert-flies sitting on one of the strings and as it flew away, it „played“ this fine, though percievable tone…

Without the silence around, we could have never experience this. Silence is not just the absence of sound. It’s not just the lack of noise. Silence has its own beauty and its own power. Silence has the power to change us and to change the world around us.

„There is no music, without silence…“

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Our new track is now available on all platforms for you to listen! Sitting for 3 months in the absolute silence of the desert, the "whispers of the soul" have been audible to me like never before. Back in Germany i called our fellow member of The Exile Orchestra, Jazz Prof. Ryan Carniaux and told him how his sound has been on my mind there! We arranged spontaniously a recording session for the next day. I created this track in just 5 hours over night. He came, listened just once and eventually just played one take. This is it!

Hello and welcome back in 2023!

I hope, you had a great start into the new year.
Despite many events in 2022 which could depress many people around the globe, I am so thankful to be alive in these times and to share it with you.

The thing is:
Even if some events like the violent attemp to tear down the revolution in Iran or the war against people of Ukraine could devastate us, if we consume the overwhelming daily amount of dark news, there is also a flipside of the coin.

A collective awareness is awakening!

Lately I was seeing clearly how people lose at first their dreams, hopes, dignity, even lives, but the last thing they lose before change is happening is their FEAR.

And this is right now a development happening not from tip to bottom, but from bottom to top.
A few years back Dalali Lama said, he could imagine that his “next incarnation is not one person but might be in many different bodies”.

An this is exactly what´s happening right now. The revolution in Iran wasn´t imaginable to people a few months back, cuz there was no opposition, no leader in the last 43 years.

Now there is the biggest movement in the last 4 decades, without a single leader. Everybody contributes on a level possible for him or her. Which is amazing, because there is no “head” they could arrest and excute to bring the movement down.

The collective consciousness is like birds flying formations or fishes swimming in swarms. A bigger organism organizing themselves. Everybody is a leader…

We have to dismember the past, to be able to remember!Remembering how powerful we are.
Remembering how beautiful life is.
Remembering how precious connection and community is!

Are you ready for a bright, peaceful future?

So lets connect more and more people and become the biggest school of fishes in the ocean 🙂

I am truely curious to hear your thoughts on this one.
Please, write me yours!
Thank you and another circle full of love, inspiration and connection around the sun for us all! OM.

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