Om Shira @ Tonhalle Düsseldorf

Choir meets electronics! At this special event Om Shira will sample and edit different choirs throughout the night with different music and backgrounds. These live samples beside interview snippets will be the source of the collages and beats Om creates out of the moment.

Tonhalle Düsseldorf / Germany

More details and ticketlink coming soon!

Le Petit Finland

We will be back in Hanko/Finland with a fulminant lineup and our new music!

Further during an artist residency we are excited to meet young artists for some workshops the days before the gig.
The program will be completed with some “Igniting Your Fire!” workshops during the festival for visitors.
Looking forward to meet the great finnish trumpetist Verneri Pohjola for a collaboration on our concert on Saturday!

Click here for further infos!

Om Shira Solo & Unplugged

Om playing guitar in the sun of the desert

For over a year, people in Iran have been protesting non-violently, risking their lives and freedom, under the slogan “Woman! Life! Freedom!” against the brutality of their country’s dictatorial government. Iranian women in particular have shown enormous courage and willingness to make sacrifices.

Om Shira will contribute some of his latest songs written in the beautiful nature of Iran, as well speaking about the current situation.

More details and ticketlink coming soon!

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